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Our Story

Who We Are

We are four sisters, from a family of nine siblings, sharing a set of common values, and striving for wellness, equity, and environmental sustainability.

Our Story

For They is the culmination and convergence of our life experiences and unique vision of wellness. Frustration at the unpronounceable list of chemical ingredients in skincare products, and concern over the river of plastic waste pouring into our oceans, led us to create our own line of products with pure, natural oils, and sustainable, reusable packaging.


 - Formulate our products based on skin type, not gender.
 - Aim to provide our products at an inclusive and accessible price point.
 - Believe your skin should be simply nourished, with organic oils and nutrients, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.
 - Are pioneers in Skinimalism.
 - Are For They.

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